Trophy History

The Majors Aggregate Championship started in 1960 when Arnold Palmer played in, and won the British Open. That year he played in his US based Majors and made the cut in each, so he was the first person to play in, and complete all the Majors in one year.

Over time the importance of the Majors became even greater as the European, Asian, Japanese and Australasian Tour all expanded. Each year there are over 200 tournaments played, which contribute to the World Golf Rankings. The 4 Majors are, and will always be the most respected tournaments.

The four Major Championships are all run by separate golf bodies. The Masters is controlled by a private group of members of the Augusta National Golf Club and was started in 1934 by Bobby Jones, the best amateur golfer ever. The United States Golf Association runs the United States Open, which is played in June. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews has organised the Open Championship, sometimes known as the British Open since 1860. It is always played in July. The last Major, the United States Professional Golfers Association Championship is played in August. It is the responsibility of the PGA of America, not to be confused with the PGA Tour, which sets up the professional tour in the US.

Tiger Woods With the Majors Trophy

Tiger Woods With the Majors Trophy


The Permanent Trophy

New Zealander Colin MacGillivray has been compiling the aggregate scores for the golf Majors for over 20 years and in 1999 the establishment of the Majors Aggregate Championship of Golf became a reality. He was employed as an architect in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and had business connections with Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew who had built the Mines Resort Golf course. Tan Sri Lee had arranged for Tiger Woods to play at the World Cup to contest the competition in the final year of its old format.

When Colin heard that Tiger Woods was coming, he realised that a Trophy could be presented to him, as the 1999 winner, to mark the inauguration of the new 16 round competition. A handsome pewter fruit bowl made by Royal Selangor Pewter based on a Victorian design was set on a cylindrical base inscribed with all the names of the previous winners, which was fixed to a three-legged carved rosewood stand.

Nobody can own the idea of adding the scores together but the permanent Majors Trophy, held by Tiger Woods, is owned by Colin.


Trophy Sponsor

So where to from here?

It's time the trophy was recognised more widely. The names of Brabazon, Curtis, Eisenhower, Ryder, Vardon and Wanamaker are attached to important golf trophies. This new "Majors" Trophy awaits a name to sit alongside those. The Trophy might be presented to the winner each year, between August and April, at a Fund Raising Charity Lunch nominated by the recipient. Little funding is required, only an individual who is able to be involved.

For more information, please email Colin for more details.